Brooke’s Story

Friday June 21, 2013 was a normal work day for me. As usual Fridays at the Stockyard Restaurant are hectic. However it was one of the more exciting days for my two younger sisters; Brooke and Paige. They both had the opportunity to test for their driver’s license the same day. After an eventful morning Brooke finally passed her driver’s test with the hope our dad, Randy would give up his Ford Ranger pickup. I quickly learned Paige was not so lucky the first time around since Brooke, my mom Shelby, and her came by the restaurant to share the news. Paige ranted about not passing as Brooke sat and smiled like any older sister would do.

The day was just beginning for Brooke and Paige. They had plans to attend a party later in the evening, but first they were going to celebrate the most important party of all. Our Papaw Kenny was turning seventy and the party was planned for early Friday evening. I, along with my sisters and other family gathered at our Granny Bonnie’s house to celebrate Papaw Kenny. At the time I did not know it would be my last time celebrating Papaw’s birthday or doing so together with Paige and Brooke. Before daylight the next morning Brooke disappeared.

Since Brooke has gone missing I’ve learned many details about the evening and early morning hours leading up to her disappearance. After attending Papaw’s birthday celebration Brooke, Paige and our cousin went to a birthday party off Red Lick Road. Paige and our cousin decided to leave shortly after dropping Brooke off. Brooke had taken her belongings with her to spend the evening with a close friend; however those plans fell through after arriving at the party. Once the party ended Brooke caught a ride with a guy she knew. In the early morning hours Brooke spoke with Paige by phone and told her she would be home once a friend got off work and could give her a ride. Brooke sent several text messages making plans for the next day. She also sent messages about feeling unsafe where she was at.

Brooke never came home that morning and has not been heard from since. The guy she caught a ride when leaving the party reported a house fire at his residence early Saturday morning. Brooke’s personal belongings were later located at the residence however she was no where to be found. My sister had no reason to runaway. She made arrangements to get a ride home and had plans to spend the day on Saturday with a friend.

My sister Brooke was a spunky, tell you how it is, loveable person. She loved animals and the outdoors. But she was a true girly girl, who loved pink and camouflage. She would do anything to help anyone. She had the sweetest deep long country sounding voice you can only find in Kentucky. Not a day goes by I don’t wonder about her.

Since Brooke’s disappearance the community we call home has showed us nothing short of amazing support. We have hung flyers, pleaded to the public, and held numerous fundraisers. The Kentucky State Police in Richmond along with the assistance of others have searched thousands of acres and followed up on numerous leads. If you or someone you know has any information that could assist us in finding Brooke please call the Kentucky State Police in Richmond.


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